BIG BUZZ: Kim Kardashian's Kitty Controversy And More!

BIG BUZZ: Kim Kardashian's Kitty Controversy And More!-photo

Let's face it....a LOT happened this past week. Naturally, Celebuzz is here to help, as we break down our personal favorite stories in The Big Buzz:



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  • Breanna

    Kim K. will stoop to any level for attention (sex tape ring a bell). I would love to be on her team, but she's over-exposed. I looked at her website the other day and I've never known of anyone to be so shallow & self absorbed with themself. As for this recent "stunt" of hers, What was the purpose of the cat being held like that & in her silly photo shoot? What is she promoting now? She should really be careful with what she does & says, there are some crazy stupid stalkers out there. I know she already had one following her around. I would really hate to be in her shoes, with age, her beauty will fade, what will she do then? I feel sorry for her, honestly. Too bad she doesn't have a real talent to put to use