Christina Aguilera Will Not Stand For People Coughing While She Is Speaking (VIDEO)

While doing press for her new album Bionic, Christina Aguilera throws a mini-tantrum when someone in the room dares to gently cough while she is answering an interviewer’s question.

In the clip, Christina is in the middle of answering a question when a man in the room makes a barely audible cough which throws Christina off track. She sighs and says, “are you coughing during my interview, really?” before giggling and saying “shoot him!” Ha…ha?

While Christina was probably just joking about being upset, there was a bit of diva air hanging around the whole situation. Maybe he was coughing without covering his mouth and Christina’s mother instincts kicked in? Who knows.

One thing is for sure, that isn’t something that Lady GaGa would do. Way to seperate yourself from the pack, Christina!

Watch the clip below.