Courtney Love Might Get Own ‘Glee’ Episode

Glee’ super successful Madonna episode has brought the celebrity Gleeks out from the woodwork, but does every famous Glee fan deserve their own special episode?

Britney Spears got the ball rolling when her agent took to Twitter to start a grassroots campaign to get her on the show, and now the show’s creator Ryan Murphy says he is considering doing themed episodes with people like Britney, Led Zeppelin, Billy Joel, and…uh…Courtney Love?

The creator told Entertainment Weekly that he met with Courtney and is considering doing a full episode of her songs one day:

I actually ran into Courtney Love the other day and talked to her. She’s interested. I would love to have the kids do a Courtney Love episode one day.

Okay we understand wanting to do an episode with Britney, Led Zeppelin, and even Billy Joel, but does Courtney Love really deserve her own episode? Does the oeuvre of Courtney Love even contain enough songs to fill a whole episode?

Meanwhile, Ryan says that he is seriously considering doing a Britney episode.

Would you watch a Courtney Love themed episode? Let us know what you think in the comments below.