Justin Bieber Continues Causing Riots With His Adorable Gaze (PHOTOS)

Justin Bieber Continues Causing Riots With His Adorable Gaze (PHOTOS)-photo

Did you think that Justin Bieber was just in Australia to frolic around shirtless on the beach? Nope, Justin was in Australia for a show but he was forced to cancel a massive outdoor performance in Sydney due to some over-excited fans.

Justin was slated to perform a free gig at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Australia and over 5,000 people had camped out overnight for the performance. Unfortunately, police were forced to shut down the performance after a riot of Biebs hysteria broke out and several young girls were trampled.

Not wanting to have another Long Island riot-type incident, Bieber agreed to cancel the performance but was understandably disappointed that the hysteria had forced everyone to miss out on a free performance.

Remember everyone, Bieber is a joy that is meant to be shared with others. Let's all just calm down and enjoy the magical Bieber together.



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