Justin Bieber Continues Causing Riots With His Adorable Gaze (PHOTOS)

Did you think that Justin Bieber was just in Australia to frolic around shirtless on the beach? Nope, Justin was in Australia for a show but he was forced to cancel a massive outdoor performance in Sydney due to some over-excited fans.

Justin was slated to perform a free gig at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Australia and over 5,000 people had camped out overnight for the performance. Unfortunately, police were forced to shut down the performance after a riot of Biebs hysteria broke out and several young girls were trampled.

Not wanting to have another Long Island riot-type incident, Bieber agreed to cancel the performance but was understandably disappointed that the hysteria had forced everyone to miss out on a free performance.

Remember everyone, Bieber is a joy that is meant to be shared with others. Let’s all just calm down and enjoy the magical Bieber together.

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