Justin Bieber Exposes His Tattoo, World Examines It Uneasily

Goodness, Justin Bieber, what lovely…ink you have.

The My World sensation was frolicking shirtless on the sands of Sydney’s Whale Beach on Saturday, and in addition to exposing his fine football form, he also revealed a tattoo on his stomach. Which seems to be all the rage among underage tween idols these days.

But lest anyone think that the tattoo is the result of a drunken weekend in Singapore and a fake ID, it appears that the bird image is a family tradition in the Bieber clan, with most of Baby Biebs’ kin sporting the same design, albeit on their wrists. (We’re assuming that Bieber got his on his hip because it’s only for viewing on very special occasions.)

Take a look at the photographic evidence and let us know in the comments section: Is JB’s tat wicked-hot, or wildly inappropriate?

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