Michael Lohan Threatens To Take Lindsay To Court, Like Any Good Dad Would Do

For some bizarre reason, Michael Lohan likes to push his way into the news, even if he ends up looking ridiculous in the process.

After attempting a weird “intervention” at daughter Lindsay Lohan’s apartment, Michael gave Lindsay an ultimatum, telling her that she would either sit down and meet with him one-on-one (and, oh, with his lawyer too like all normal daddy-daughter chats) or he would take her to court to get conservatorship over her estate.

While Daddy Lohan is saying that he is doing this so he can save Lindsay from turning into more of a train wreck, conservatorship wouldn’t actually guarantee that he would be able to help Lindsay with her addiction and personal problems. In fact, being a conservator of someone only guarantees that you have control of that person’s estate and money. And, gee, why would Michael Lohan want Lindsay’s money if he just cares about her being healthy?

Naturally, it isn’t guaranteed that he would win conservatorship of Lindsay’s estate, especially since he isn’t known as being the greatest father in the planet.

It is pretty sad that Michael Lohan claims to be helping Lindsay by threatening her through the press and not really taking the time to actually help Lindsay with her private problems. There is no questioning that Lindsay needs problems, but barking through a gossip blog that she needs to meet with you and a lawyer or you are going to gain control of her money isn’t the best way to deal with someone.

Michael has said that he is in contact with Lindsay and said that she turned to him to help her get un-banned from Trousdale after her Sam Ronson drink flinging incident this weekend. You know things are bad when you turn to Michael Lohan to help you gain access to an exclusive hot spot.