Miley Cyrus’ Final Album Is Less Than Two Months Away!

Depending on your feelings about Miley Cyrus, this news will come as either a source of heartache or a reason for celebration.

It was announced today that the Hannah Montana star’s upcoming album, Can’t Be Tamed, will be released on June 22. And since Cyrus has already adamantly stated that her next album will be her last, so she can focus on her sure-to-be-successful acting career, this can only mean one thing: In less than two months, the world will be robbed of hearing and enjoying and reveling in new Miley Cyrus music for the rest of time.

But don’t bust out those Disney brand razor blades in despair just yet; there are a few last hurrahs before the final farewell. The title song and first single from the album will premiere on MySpace Music on April 30 at 12 p.m. EST, and will be available as a digital single via iTunes on May 18. Best of all, the Can’t Be Tamed album will be available in a standard CD version, and a very special CD/DVD package, which will contain a DVD of a full presentation from Cyrus’ “Miley World” tour. So don’t worry; we’ll be able to relive the joy of a Miley Cyrus concert forever—the songs, the cheering, the inappropriate dance moves…

Are you saddened that the end of Miley’s music career is coming so soon? Share with us in the comments section.