Robert Pattinson Earned $20 Million Last Year For Being Handsome, Sparkly

The Most Important Dreamboat Of Our Time, Robert Pattinson, made his way onto Sunday Time rich list, becoming the fifth highest-earning movie star in the UK.

Apparently, movie executives are willing to pay a pretty penny to get Rob’s furrowed brow and disheveled good looks in their films. Rob reportedly earned $20 million last year.

Most of this money naturally comes from The Twilight Saga, which ensures that young women everywhere will be dry-heaving at the sight of his perfect sparking face on the big screen for two more films (Twilight and New Moon have already hit the big screen).

However, Robert isn’t a One-Note Sally, he is also earning money from his other projects such as Remember Me and the upcoming period film, Bel Ami.

Meanwhile, in case any of you care, Daniel Radcliffe is currently the highest-earning British star, taking in $65 million annually.

Do you think Robert will eventually replace Daniel as his home country’s top earner?

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