Snooki Still A Punching Bag For Cameras, Gets Drink Thrown In Face (PHOTOS)

Dear Jersey Shore fans: If you are sitting at the edge of your seat, waiting to find out what drama might be going on in the upcoming season, you might want to move on to the next post.

Sources in Miami are reporting on the cast’s drama and they have a few spoilers to reveal. Like, did you know that someone is going to throw something in Snooki’s face in an upcoming episode? It’s a riveting revelation!

A spy at a club in Miami reported seeing a guy engage in some Snooki drama, stealing her drink and then throwing the drink back in her face. What is with these guidos? Do they not know that Snooki-face-puncher-guy pretty much had his life ruined because of his drunken rampage on poor Snooks’ face?

Of course, while we would like to believe that Snooki getting drinks thrown in her face is an organic, everyday occurrence for the guidette, we also smell some fabricated drama. Getting things thrown at her face, be they drinks or fists, seem to be Snooki’s only real talent, so we wouldn’t be surprised if MTV was trying to replicate some of the drama.

The witnesses of the Miami Snooki drama reported that J-WoWW intervened after the guy threw the drink at Snooki and had him removed from the club.

Naturally, MTV cameras were there filming the whole thing, ensuring that we, the masses, will be able to see Snooki getting a whole set of new things thrown at her face in the upcoming second season.