The Gosselin Kids Are Cleared by the Courts for Further TV Exploitation

Break time’s over, Gosselin kids! Time to get back to work!

In a stunning victory for media exploiters of young children everywhere. the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry has deemed that Jon and Kate Gosselin’s children can return to the small screen, after a heated legal battle that even found Kate’s brother testifying against her. Which means that Kate’s upcoming reality-show spinoff, Kate Plus 8, has a green light from a legal standpoint. (We’ll leave you to ponder the moral and ethical aspects, dear reader.)

According to a rep for the Labor and Industry department,

“The proper steps have been taken and the kids are permitted for Kate Plus 8.”

It still remains to be seen whether the octet of rugrats will be given the go-ahead to appear on mommy’s other upcoming show, Twist of Kate. To say nothing of what role they might play on whatever new TV venture that Papa Jon might be cooking up.

Either way, these kids will clearly have no shortage of work in the months to come. See, people? Who says the job market’s in rough shape?