Alexander Skarsgard Loves Getting Naked, Restores Our Faith In The Universe

Thank the sweet Lord that True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard doesn’t have a problem with stripping down for the cameras.

The Swedish dreamboat told People that he doesn’t have a problem with getting nude for a role and he also doesn’t mind filming love scenes with men. The reason? Says Alexander: “I am from Sweden, and it’s different there.”

Wow, so is Sweden basically a paradise where hot guys walk around naked all the time? Flight to Sweden: booked!

However, Alexander won’t just strip down for any old reason, he says that it has to “make sense” to the story and luckily the writers at True Blood know how to write a story that intelligently works in Alexander’s nakedness.

Although Alexander is comfortable getting nude, he does mention that his six siblings do like to tease him for his love scenes.