Courtney Love Admits Affair With Gavin Rossdale In Attempt To Become Even More Unlikeable

Courtney Love, apparently not content with the amount of negative press she already receives, decided to dish to The Howard Stern Show yesterday about how she carried out an affair with Gavin Rossdale while he was with wife Gwen Stefani.

Courtney told Howard that Gavin was “lovely” and that he was “such an Adonis in his day” (which we aren’t arguing with), and that “he got good in bed” during their alleged eight-month affair.

Courtney said that she had “a vision of marrying [Gavin] at one time.” Except–oops!–he was already with Gwen.

Howard asked Courtney point-blank if Gavin was involved with Gwen when he and Courtney had their affair, and she nonchalantly answered that he was, and that he was with “a few other people…we didn’t have a lot of pressure on each other, but we did like each other quite a bit.”

Maybe Courtney’s relaxed response to the question hints that Gwen and Gavin were in a pretty open relationship at the time, or maybe Courtney dated him when he and Gwen were first going out.

Courtney Love may be a little eccentric, but we don’t think she is dumb enough to announce to the world that she had an illicit affair with Gavin when he was committed to Gwen. Or, at least, we hope she isn’t that dumb. Sometimes you never know with Courtney.