Jon and Kate Gosselin Are Ordered to Attend Parenting School

Jon and Kate Gosselin Are Ordered to Attend Parenting School-photo

Let's hope that Kate Gosselin is better at taking notes than she is at dancing. Kate and her ex-husband/former Jon & Kate Plus 8 co-star Jon Gosselin have been ordered to attend a three-hour parenting class called "Children in the Middle," following the custody battle over their eight kids in Pennsylvania earlier this month. The class is a mandatory requirement for parents who've been involved in a custody battle in Berks County, where the court drama took place.

Alas, there won't be any spitballs flying between the two while the teacher attempts to instill them with parenting skills—it's expected that the pair will be taking separate classes.

Jon had better pay attention, because if he ends up having to wear a dunce cap, it's really going to mess up that sweet, sweet fauxhawk that he's been cultivating lately.


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