Justin Bieber’s Tour Causes New Zealand To Bieber-Proof Entire Country (PHOTOS)

In the aftermath of The Bieber Riots in Australia earlier this week, New Zealand isn’t going to take any chances with the mania-causing effects of Justin Bieber.

New Zealand police have reportedly Bebiermania-proofed their entire country in preparation for his performance at Academic Colleges Group’s Strathallan School in Papakura.

Police have added extra security at the airport where Bieber is arriving and have even designated extra officers purely on “Beiber fan control” to make sure no screaming teenagers get trampled or harmed during Bieber’s visit.

The police probably have good reason to be on high alert when Biebs is in town: reportedly 1,000 “hysterical teens” showed up to the airport to greet Bieber when he arrived.