Kim Kardashian Is in the Trenches at STK (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian, covering up her incredible curves in a trench coat? We're not sure we approve of this...

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star rocked some Inspector Gadget chic as she headed out for a meal at Los Angeles steak restaurant STK on Monday night. Normally, when someone wears a get-up like this to a restaurant, we assume that a) they plan on picking up some free silverware while they're there, or b) they'll be following up their meal by heading to the park and flashing little old ladies, but somehow we doubt that's the case here...

Feel free to check out the photo gallery and offer your own theories in the comments section.

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  • ritafarb

    I love the comments on this site regarding Kim's story that she put out there about her ex-beating her.