Larry King and His Wife Have a Semi-Open Marriage. You’re Welcome for That Image.

Apparently, Larry King and Wife #7, Shawn Southwick—who may or may not be on the brink of divorce, depending on what day it is—have a more complicated relationship than they first let on.

According to one of King’s other ex-wives, Julia Alexander King—who was married to the talk-show giant from 1989 to 1992—both King and Southwick were aware that the other was involved in extramarital dalliances, but it didn’t become an issue until Southwick exploded in a fit of jealousy earlier this month. Alexander King spills,

“Larry told me they both knew that each of them had others in their lives…I never asked him and he never told me who his ‘other’ was, but he knew Shawn was having an affair with the baseball coach. She practically flaunted it.”

According to reports, Southwick had been carrying on with Hector Penate, the private baseball coach of the couple’s two sons, Chance and Cannon. And Southwick allegedly went ballistic on King two weeks ago because she suspected he was having an affair with her sister, Shannon Engemann, though both King and Engemann have denied the allegations.

Ironically, King hired Penate in an effort to bring his family closer together. According to his ex, King, realizing that he’d “made a mess” of his relationship with his older kids, was determined to do a better job with the children from his most recent marriage:

“He wanted to do things right with his sons with Shawn. That’s why he hired Hector to be their private baseball coach. Baseball is one of Larry’s passions and he loved the fact that his boys were good at it and enjoyed the game. He’d do anything for those kids.”

As far as the future of the couple, Alexander King figures that they’re pretty much over with—despite their decision to hold off on the divorce proceedings for the time being—but Larry will eventually walk down the aisle again with some other lucky lady:

“They will divorce, and Larry will marry again. Larry is addicted to marriage.”

There must be a rehab for that sort of thing.