Michael Lohan Thinks Someone Would Actually Pretend to Be Him, LOL

He Said, Impostor Said.

Michael Lohan rocked the celebrity Tweeterverse this morning when two breaking news stories were posted on his Twitter account regarding his troubled daughter, Lindsay Lohan:

the truth about my daughter living with HIV for the rest of her life as a result of the decisions she has made

It’s time you learned the truth. The truth about [music-industry honcho and former Mariah Carey husband] Tommy Mottola engaging in an affair with my then-17 year old daughter


Shortly after the tweets went public, the tweets came down, and Michael Lohan issued a new missive, claiming that a hacker had broken into his account and posted the false, shocking news tweets:

NOTICE,There is an imposter [sic] on Twitter,and whoever the imposter [sic] is that posted that disgusting comment about my daughter, is now on notice.

My attorney ,Lisa Bloom will be contacting the authorities to find out who is responsible for this “criminal act” of ID theft,/imperaonation [sic]

Who to believe?

With all the craziness running up and down and along the Lohan family tree these days, it’s almost impossible to guess the truth, but why don’t you take a shot?

Did Michael post some nastiness in a fit of rage?  Or was this really the work of an insidious hacker?  And, while we’re at it: What of these two claims?  Any merit or completely false accusations? Share your theories in the comments section!