Spencer Pratt Unleashes Twit Rage On Lauren Conrad

Perhaps realizing that he hasn’t been in the news for a little while, Spencer Pratt decided to take to Twitter to wage a meaningless war against former Hills star Lauren Conrad.

After news broke that LC would be returning to the Hills for their final season, Spencer became enraged and began manically tweeting at LC, hoping to ruffle her feathers. Some choice excerpts from his Twitter:

Yahoo reporting that The Hills picked up again for 12 more episodes reports BEEFY-LC will come back for the final 12. LC nobody cares

@laurenconrad is it true that you want back to the hills. Nobody cared about you the first round or second. What about your boyfriend u pay?


@laurenconrad dont come back to reality tv your [sic] boring and FUGLY. Jersey shore took any spot that you left open you [sic] on MTV moron. LC WHO?


@laurenconrad what don’t [sic] you do a show abbot [sic] you trying to be entertaining? You can’t compete against snookie [sic] and situation ha! U are boring.

@laurenconrad shit has to be hard when your mom looks way better and younger than you. Then again your mom has good doctor you are broken.

Apparently Spencer doesn’t realize that implying that Jersey Shore overshadowed the show that he is currently a star of doesn’t exactly paint him in the best light. But, hey, if Spencer was interested in making himself look good, he wouldn’t be Spencer!

Maybe Spencer is jealous of the fact that LC is returning to the show and he has been banned form the set for threatening a producer?

LC, meanwhile, did not respond to Spencer’s Twitter rage.