Spencer Pratt Unleashes Twit Rage On Lauren Conrad

Spencer Pratt Unleashes Twit Rage On Lauren Conrad-photo

Perhaps realizing that he hasn't been in the news for a little while, Spencer Pratt decided to take to Twitter to wage a meaningless war against former Hills star Lauren Conrad.

After news broke that LC would be returning to the Hills for their final season, Spencer became enraged and began manically tweeting at LC, hoping to ruffle her feathers. Some choice excerpts from his Twitter:

Yahoo reporting that The Hills picked up again for 12 more episodes reports BEEFY-LC will come back for the final 12. LC nobody cares

@laurenconrad is it true that you want back to the hills. Nobody cared about you the first round or second. What about your boyfriend u pay?


@laurenconrad dont come back to reality tv your [sic] boring and FUGLY. Jersey shore took any spot that you left open you [sic] on MTV moron. LC WHO?


@laurenconrad what don't [sic] you do a show abbot [sic] you trying to be entertaining? You can't compete against snookie [sic] and situation ha! U are boring.

@laurenconrad shit has to be hard when your mom looks way better and younger than you. Then again your mom has good doctor you are broken.

Apparently Spencer doesn't realize that implying that Jersey Shore overshadowed the show that he is currently a star of doesn't exactly paint him in the best light. But, hey, if Spencer was interested in making himself look good, he wouldn't be Spencer!

Maybe Spencer is jealous of the fact that LC is returning to the show and he has been banned form the set for threatening a producer?

LC, meanwhile, did not respond to Spencer's Twitter rage.



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  • Merfa

    Love LC... hope she knows better than to go back and waste her time on morons like this!!!

  • hannah

    TEAM LC !! Spencer should talk about his plastic wife, that girl has so much silicone in her body that her brain is more little than before the surgery, Heidi replaced neurons for huge tits ! jajaja ... Spencer YOU ARE A PIECE OF sh*t.

  • cat

    Pratts n hedi need to leave LC alone she is way better then tem

  • AJ

    Dude, who the f**k do you think you are, your starting something with every girl you got a problem with. And they are showing you that they are bigger than you by not even stooping to your level. Your a bastard and you are the coward. I am surprised your wife lets you act like a f**king child, and she not stop your actions from making the news, Your a peice of sh*t, and you will get whats coming to you. Your wife and you are 2 of the biggest hypocrites the world knows about.

  • LynzCatastrophe

    First of all Spencer, it was her show originally, you wouldn't even been famous if not for her. Secondly, she hasn't said ANYTHING about returning, it was a rumour that was started but a cast member! So really Spencer, who is the loser, you are starting sh*t where there isnt any, she has never fought back and has proven over and over to be the better person by completely ignoring you and moving on, she is more respected than you and your wife combined, she is happy with her life, she has no desire to be famous unlike you and your wife and is rather successful at her life and is staying in the press by doing nothing where as your wife had to remain relevant by getting plastic surgery, looking like a hooker, and claiming sexual abuse. Lauren is a natural beauty where as there is nothing natural about Heidi anymore, while the rest of the world waits for you to be shot. Seriously man, you wear more rings than i do! If anyone here is ugly, it is you Spencer, on the inside and out, your greased up face, seriously scares the crap out of me.

  • Priscilla

    omg!! spencer is the rediculous one here. he's fighting alone

  • lil em
    lil em

    i hate him he a **** someone should punch him in the face

  • Jenn

    Wow- someone commit Spencer Pratt to an insane insylum because the dude is freaking off his rocker! I hope his christian praying wife can save his soul because he’s going to hell for the things he says and does to people!

  • sfhd

    Any man wearing that many rings is gay-er than gay....go gobble some man goo Spence...

  • wtf

    He actually used the word "fugly"??? Wow - besides a personality, taste, credibility, talent, looks, and relevancy - someone ought to get him a dictionary. Why does this loser - who looks like a pimp - get any press time at all? Oh and the eight rings..........nice touch.......not. I am quite sure that every poster here is more relevant and making a better contribution to this world than he ever has or ever will.

  • roeschs3

    He's the loser. Team LC.