Tito Ortiz Claims Jenna Jameson’s Oxycontin Addiction Led To His Arrest

Tito Ortiz was arrested yesterday on domestic violence charges against his girlfriend, porn star Jenna Jameson, but he is now claiming that the alleged incident occurred because he was confronting Jenna about her addiction to Oxycontin.

Tito has been released from jail on bail and has announced through his attorney that he “never touched Jenna” but that he got into an argument with Jenna when he confronted her about relapsing back into her addiction to prescription drugs.

According to Tito, Jenna has been battling an addiction to Oxycontin for years. When reporters confronted Jenna about Ttito’s allegations, she said that “he’s trying to save his career.”

Tito is a UFC fighter and according to UFC head Dana White, Tito could be dropped from the UFC organization because of the domestic violence allegations; however, Dana said they would wait until the police reports are in before they cut Tito off.