Heidi Montag Might Be Hooked on Other Goofballs Besides Spencer Pratt

Heidi Montag’s decision to go under the knife for a plastic-surgery spree late last year may have had other negative consequences besides turning her into a circus freak—it may have led to an addiction to powerful painkillers.

Sources on Montag’s reality series The Hills claim that Montag might be developing a serious dependency on the painkillers prescribed to her following her surgery, citing increasingly bizarre behavior.

Says one Hills insider,

“She’s a shell of her former self.”

And for someone who was basically a shell of a human being to begin with, that’s saying a lot.

Meanwhile, a source says that Montag’s hubby, Spencer Pratt, seems to have jumped on the Loopy Train with his bride, claiming that the pair have “crossed over to this bizarre place.”

Hey, as long as they stay there, that’s good enough for us.