Kelly Clarkson Does Not Take Kindly to Leaks

Kelly Clarkson has never been one to mince words. And that goes double when control over her own performances is concerned.

The American Idol fave, who already had her share of headaches this month over a cigarette-company sponsorship for her concert in Jakarta, went on a Twitter rampage on Tuesday after a demo of “Cleopatra,” featuring Clarkson’s vocals, leaked online.

It seems that many Clarkson fans were under the impression that the song would be included on her upcoming album—despite its heavy hip-hop leanings—and Kelly set the record straight in no uncertain terms:

“‘Cleopatra’ is NOT a song on my next record! It was written for another artist! I have no idea how it leaked, it’s a rough demo, unfinished!  I’m so tired of disrespecting, lying, sneaky little trolls that pretend to be human.”

Definitely, Kel; those deceptive, shape-shifting, human-imitating trolls can be a real headache. Almost as bad as disrespectful band members.

We have no intention of incurring Clarkson’s wrath by running the leaked song here because, quite frankly, as awesome as she is, she scares us a little. But you might be able to find it elsewhere. Check it out, if you dare, and let us know in the comments section: Is Kelly making a mountain out of a molehill with her rant?