Michael Lohan Continues To Keep Things Classy, Blackmails Dina Lohan

Michael Lohan is at it again, trying to win the title of World’s Greatest Dad by threatening his ex-wife and mother of his children if she won’t pony up some cash for him to do…well, whatever it is that he does.

Michael announced that Dina Lohan has to sit down and meet with him and his lawyers (read: “give me money!”) or he will release tapes of her that will apparently discredit and embarrass her.

Is it possible that these tapes will tarnish the great Lohan name and make the public think less of Dina? Unless they show her killing a small child or spouting off racist remarks, we don’t think it’s possible for the public to think any less of Dina.

Michael says that he is also planning on going to Child Protective Services in New York to take Lindsay Lohan’s younger sister Ali Lohan away from Dina. Because if there is one way to show that you are more responsible parent than your ex-wife, it’s to publicly blackmail her into giving you money.

And people wonder why Lindsay is so messed up.