OMLG: Lady GaGa Reaches God-Like Status In China

OMLG: Lady GaGa Reaches God-Like Status In China-photo

Is Lady GaGa a god? Well, she might be, at least in the minds of some of China's youth.

According to the New York Times, the latest craze sweeping the youth of China is to say "Oh My Lady GaGa" instead of "Oh My God" or "OMG." The slang term is used mostly on the internet and is used as a funny way to express amusement or amazement at something.

Basically, hip Chinese kids use it in the same way that Americans would say "OMG," but replace "God" with "Lady GaGa," because, well, that's obviously where she belongs.

Do you think this wild craze will catch on in America? Let us know what you think in the comments below.



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  • etrhthr

    i know many american people who say ''oh my gaga'' ..people from all over the world say it.. she godga :D

  • GodOfTheCarrots

    It's cool. Everything is god in these days. I'm the god of the carrots. She (or he) is the god of CRAP. She looks like crap, she smells like crap and she craps crap.

  • dmym

    I don't think they say so because they think Lady Gaga is their god. It's just for fun due to her stunning style, without religious connotations; they also call her "thunder queen," because people "faint" when they see her. Many Chinese youth say OMG without thinking what they refer to when they say God. When some idioms blend into another language, it lose many meanings. Take easy...

  • Eric Chicago
    Eric Chicago

    The answer is yes. Gaga is Godlike. She brings happiness to the world. She inspires. She loves her fans. We love her back. -Eric Chicago

  • jen

    God like, haha excuse me for a second while I laugh. Unless you ppl havn't noticed. ppl also say Oh my Jonas. At least that doesn't sound half as stupid as Oh My Lady Gaga.

  • MKeith

    This has already caught on in America. I've been saying it for months now...

  • lala

    eeeeeh NOOO we already have Oh My Jonas !!