BUZZINGS: Sandra Bullock Kept Adoption A Secret By Keeping Gossipy Insiders At Bay

Sandra Bullock kept her adoption a secret by basically not letting any of those loose-lipped “insiders” and “sources” into her home for the past three months. (PopEater)

• Speaking of adoption, Sandra joins a long list of Hollywood families with adopted children. We bet Angelina Jolie is cursing the fact she never thought to adopt an American kid. (Wonderwall)

Ricky Gervais is set to make the Golden Globes a little more watchable by acting as host for the 2011 award show. (Hollywood Life)

Miley Cyrus ruined an emotional scene in The Last Song when her cell phone went off while filming. So, we guess she won’t mind if our cell phones go off during her movies and concerts? (Starpulse)

• According to a new documentary, Jean-Michel Basquiat’s girlfriend had to deliver a beatdown on Madonna back in the ’80s for stealing her man. (Bossip)