Chelsea Handler Has a Sex Tape Now, Because of Course

Celebuzz | April 29, 2010 - 11:30 am

Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang is the title of E! wry comedienne Chelsea Handler’s newly released third book, but it might more aptly describe the ten-year old VHS tape that has surfaced, showing the night time talk show host spouting a comedy routine, while in a very compromising position, with an unnamed British man.

According to Radar Online, which has personally viewed the tape, while it is clear that the tape was made rather tongue-in-cheek, as per Chelsea’s style, it was also much more than just tongue-in-cheek, with a sex act clearly underway.  

But according to Handler’s handlers, Chelsea made the tape as an attention-getter to land herself an agent when she arrived in Tinsel Town a decade ago, and this was all nothing more than a silly comedy bit.  

Well, you say tomato, we say to-mah-to.  While the tape may not be in the straight-up raunchy mold of the more infamous amateur film scandals such as Paris Hilton’s night-vision XXX epic, sex is sex, and if you’re filming yourself doing it, it’s a sex tape.

What does your gut tell you?  Pure comedy stylings or just cheeseball sex tape like all the others? Share with us in the comments section!