Fashion FAIL: Shenae Grimes Wears Fishnet Support Hose (PHOTOS)

Well, someone is guilty of not doing their job, as it does not seem as though Shenae Grimes’ wardrobe choices were properly assessed before she walked out the door? There’s a whole lotta whoa goin’ on here and we’re not even sure where to begin. But let’s do it anyways, shall we? Her pleather jacket is totally stuffed with tiny football pads, there’s a homemade sheer slip peeking out from under a homemade shiny dress and for the love of hosiery, what is that creeping up her gams? Don’t you have mirrors, Sheshe?

Click through the gallery for a complete monstrosity breakdown. For more fashion superbness check out our coverage at Fashion FAILs & FTWs.

Tags: Red Carpet