George Clooney Bombs In Italy (No, Not That Kind Of Bomb)

Italian divers have discovered an arsenal of World War II-era bombs less than 50 feet away from George Clooney luxurious Lake Cuomo estate.

Divers found an underwater cache of unexploded bombs that included hand grenades, mortars, and aircraft bombs in Lake Cuomo, where George’s villa sits. The arsenal was found disturbingly close to Geroge’s home, but the actor is thought not to be at his Italian home at the moment.

Lake Cuomo is a famous vacation spot for the rich and famous, with many expensive villas sitting on the coast of the lake. George bought his villa in 2002 for $10 million.

Italian authorities are trying to properly detonate the bombs to avoid any accidents or mishaps that could effect the lake’s tony residents and George’s home. Currently all residents are being told to remain in their homes, away from windows.