Jenna Jameson Passes Drug Test After Boyfriend’s Allegations Of Drug Addiction

Jenna Jameson passed a drug test after her boyfriend, Tito Ortiz, claimed that her addiction to OxyContin led to her filing domestic violence charges against him.

The test was administered last week by American Toxicology, Inc. and found Jenna’s urine to be “negative” for drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, meth and OxyContin.

Jenna denied that she was addicted to OxyContin or any other type of drug. Depending on the drug, drug tests can trace a drug that is in a patient’s urine from anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks.

Jenna filed domestic violence charges against Tito on Monday after he allegedly tossed her into an empty bathtub, seriously injuring her arm.

Tito claimed that Jenna was addicted to OxyContin and a relapse has sparked an argument between the two, leading to her filing charges against him. If the allegations of abuse are found to be true, Tito, who is a UFC fighter, could lose his backing by UFC.