Justin Bieber, Like Most Men In America, Has A Crush On Tina Fey

Justin Bieber may have won the heart of every teen girl in America (and beyond) but it looks like he is more interested in older women than girls his own age.

Bieber has admitted that he has crushes on Beyonce and Kim Kardashian but an insider revealed to ShowbizSpy that Bieber fell head-over-heels in love with Tina Fey when they appeared on Saturday Night Live together earlier this month.

According to the insider, Justin had a “serious case of puppy love” for Tina and he “followed her around backstage like a pet Labrador.”

While we can’t blame Justin for being enamored with Tina, he better watch out: Tina’s husband Jeff Richmond works closely with Tina and used to be a composer on SNL. We’re sure Jeff’s friends at SNL were keeping an eye on Justin to make sure he kept his distance from Tina.