Lindsay Lohan Is Now Statistically Proven To Be A Complete Trainwreck

Just how unlikable is permanent trainwreck Lindsay Lohan? Pretty unlikable, and now we have statistic proof that a majority of people find little Linds’ behavior and public persona repulsive.

Lindsay recently got fired from an upcoming movie project because the movie executives behind the project deemed her “unbankable.” How do movie executives know when a star is bankable? With a Q score rating!

The Q score rating system was created to map out a star’s likability, name recognition and unlikability. Movie executives use this system to map if a star would be able to draw in the crowds for a movie because the theory goes that if people know a star and like a star, they will probably go see their movie.

PopEater looked at Lindsay’s Q score and found that her likability has dropped down significantly over the years (big surprise). From PopEater:

By 2005, when [Lindsay’s] excessive partying and un-Disney-like behavior began to be chronicled in entertainment magazines, her name recognition skyrocketed to 53% and with it a negative Q of 33, with a positive of only 13. With each bad decision Lindsay made, the gap between her positive and negative Q scores only widened. Lindsay was systematically proving that not all press is good press and that America had little tolerance for squandered talent.


After her arrests and subsequent rehabilitations, Lohan’s Q again fell in 2007. With 74% familiarity, she had a positive rating of 11 and a negative rating of 43. Her wishy-washy relationship with Samantha Ronson (as well as her flip-slop stance on going gay), coupled with her nude photo shoot in New York magazine (for which she was not compensated and was uniformly derided), increased her familiarity to 80% in 2008. Her positive rating remained an 11, while her negative rating shot up to a 52.

This year, 84% of Americans polled were familiar with Lindsay. Her positive rating has reached a low of 9, and her negative rating hovers at 52. Five times more people dislike Lindsay than are rooting for her.

In other words: Lindsay’s constant partying, irresponsible behavior, poor career choices, and ugly family life have turned many of the people who used to like Lindsay against her. Instead of being known for being talented or even known for being a good person, Lindsay is now known for being a mess and thoroughly unlikable.