Meet Angelina Tracy, Charlie Sheen’s Classy New Escort-Girlfriend

In case you haven’t heard, Charlie Sheen is shacking up with his new escort-girlfriend after his wife Brooke Mueller moved out of their home.

So, just who is this escort that Charlie decided to date, Pretty Woman-style? She’s Angelina Tracy a blonde, fake-boobed “model” who we are surprised wasn’t a member of Tiger Woods’ rotating circle of cocktail waitress mistresses.

Video has been released of Angelina on a bizarre Spanish-language TV show that basically involves her prancing around in a g-string bikini and talking about her experience at the Playboy Mansion.

Even Angelina seems a little confused over the bizarre segment, although she obviously has no problem walking around in a revealing bikini.

Still, with Angelina’s charisma and class, it is no wonder that Charlie decided to leave his wife and kids for such an elegant woman!

Go to RadarOnline to watch the full video.