Miley Cyrus Invites You to Make a Wish (PHOTOS)

Wow, it looks like Miley Cyrus might just be serious about being taken seriously after all.

The Hannah Montana star did her bit for charity on Wednesday, belting out a song for the Make a Wish Foundation at the Grove in Los Angeles. Way to give back to the less fortunate, Miley!

If you could ask one wish of Miley Cyrus, what would it be? Let us know in the comments section after checking out her awesome act of charity in the photo gallery!

And for more shots of your favorite celebs doing awesome things, head on over to Paparazzi-Razzi!



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  • sstuffff

    it looks like shes just blowing a bubble with some gum...

  • Jenna

    Miley Cyrus is NOT fat. It's called everyone has fat. She is acctually really skinny!!

  • ???

    okay, sorry but, your 16, and you already of five kids?

  • Sexyyy

    She's soo GORGEOUS !!!

  • Sexyyy

    Ahahaha ! Annoying orange Orange:'nah nah nah nah nah nah!' Apple: Shut the fuck up !

  • Sexyyy

    inappropriate my ass !! This is just her singing ! 'Better not show thins 1 to mi kids' btw im 16 and my kids names are Justin (after Justin Bieber), Julia (after Julia Roberts), Kristiena (after Cristina Agulera), Wynter (after Wynter Gordon) and Jessie (after Jessie J) And my name is Danni (after Danni Manogue)

  • anzoh

    I don't see anything inappropriate happening in any of these pictures. Prude assholes of America probably disagree.

  • Lorena Freitas
    Lorena Freitas


  • xxrejectedxspiritxx

    [quote=Suck it, Miley]BOOOOO! HISSSSSSSSS! YOU SUCK!!! haha sound like that fish from spongebob!!

  • anoniem

    Oh please, come on. Why are you always complaining about that while this is something else, this is a picture, a normal regular picture that has nothing to do with nasty foto's, and I mean, so what? that's her persenal life, that's not of our bisniss, the only thing we have the right to judge about her is her acting or about her music, so shut your mouth all. leave her alone. ;-)

  • arnold

    Para sair errado.

  • arnold champs oliver
    arnold champs oliver

    Porque o comentário anterior esta mudado?

  • Arnold Champs Oliver
    Arnold Champs Oliver

    Ok. Miley esta muito bem nestas fotos,esta mais experiente ,ja é uma mulher formada e ja tem alguns idêais para concluir;gosto da maneira que ela se porta e quero conhece-la em breve,estarei indo a esse encontro assim que fazer contatos e conseguir a permissão me dando a certeza de que serei recebido em data programada e com honras merecidas por ser transparente ,original e expontanio. ... Beijos para Miley e abraços para seus familiares.

  • jessica

    i wish she would come to Canada on tour toronto or hamilton specifically loveyouuuu miley

  • maddie

    i see a fat roll on her waist its called a diet miley or a treadmill =) =) =P