Chris Brown Storms Out of A Radio Interview in Successful Bid for Diva Crown

Maybe Chris Brown should double up on the anger-management classes. The “I Can Transform Ya” singer, who’s been struggling to rehabilitate his image since being convicted of assaulting his then-girlfriend Rihanna last year, took a big step backward on Thursday by storming out of an interview at Richmond, Virginia radio station Q94 WRVQ—but not before unleashing an obscenity-riddled rant on the host.

Brown had turned up to the interview to promote his upcoming Haiti benefit concert in Richmond, but things turned sour when Brown turned the attention to himself, demanding to know why his songs weren’t getting more airplay. As on-air personality Kash recalls,

“Chris Brown was going to come in today to do an interview to promote his concert…But before we could even get into the interview, homeboy starts yelling at me, wondering why we don’t play his records. And I said, Mr Chris Brown…you just don’t have any hits and that’s just the truth. You don’t have any hits right now.’ And…from there the whole interview just goes south.”

As heard on the prerecorded interview that Kash played back for his listeners, Brown rants at the DJ,

“All I’m saying is that you don’t play my sh*t. What number is it (my song) at? It don’t matter. Why am I even doing this interview? I ain’t doing this sh*t.”

Brown has had a history lately of ranting about how his career is being sabotaged, unaware that a lot of people might be predisposed toward not buying his albums these days. For some reason.

So much for learning from his experiences.