Christina Aguilera Releases Wholesome Video For "Not Myself Tonight" (VIDEO)

Christina Aguilera Releases Wholesome Video For

After releasing several images of her wholesome, family-friendly new music video, "Not Myself Tonight," Christina Aguilera has finally premiered her new video in its entirety.

The video is pretty much everything we expected: a lot of dominatrix references and a lot of sex. Christina writhes around in latex bodysuits and prances around in the rain while wearing lingerie. You know, regular, wholesome entertainment.

The video has a lot of references to other pop stars. There is some shades of George Michael, Lady GaGa, and a whole lot of Madonna.

Christina has been known for being over-the-top when it comes to her sexual public image, but is this super-sexual video going to help reignite her somewhat fizzled career?

Watch the video below.



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  • um...

    forgetting her song "Dirty", that video was raunchy too. how quickly people forget then immediately compare her to something recent- aka lady gaga. neither of these ladies are the first to dress oddly and gyrate and be sexy. come on.

  • Meh

    This video reminded me of a lot of Madonna's videos from the 90's. The guys dancing in the rain, the licking the bowl like a cat, the latex suits, the s&m stuff. I guess they figure anyone watching this is too young to remember anything Madonna did back then? I have a lot of respect for Christina as a singer but this video is crap.

  • ERiN

    I'm so incredibly sickened after seeing that video. Christina is desperately trying to get back into the spotlight, but she's certainly going about it the wrong way. She's obviously trying to copy Lady Gaga's antics, only Christina's taking it into actual pornographic territory. I'm not a fan of Gaga, but she seems to be more about the *suggestion* of S&M and bisexuality, whereas Christina here is going the whole mile and slapping you in the face with this stuff. Obviously these "entertainers" don't care a whit about how this stuff influences young women, or how it completely sets back the women's movement in general by making women appear as nothing more than sex objects.

  • Rach

    Yeah I"m disappointed too, but not surprised. She seems to put the sexual message across almost constantly. She has a great voice, but she's just taking away from it by all this stuff. And the sad thing is, she seems to think that's the only way to be happy with herself, but that's so not true...

  • kopns

    It's unfortunate that she hasn't grown any since the whole X-Tina phase... It's one thing to act this way at home with her man, but it's just trashy to do it for everyone to see. She's beautiful and sexy, however this video totally turned me off.

  • simplydiffer

    We just witnessed the death of class in Christina Augleria and the end of people actually using their voices and not their bodies in music. I'm actually getting teary. What happened? There's no class left in pop. Now I'm crying. People rely on synthesizers and sex and nothing else. The song is nice, but Christina always had broke the mold someway and now she's just becoming a part of the assembly line.

  • marlene

    why must she always wear those tight-lookin body suits? it looks like the ones in her superhero music video. shes tryin to come back like lady gaga and madonna.....

  • lully

    no one EVER EVER can be like lady gaga cause she is one of a kind...

  • Paul

    All now is Lady Gaga? .Before Lady Gaga has Grace Jones,Cher and Madonna.

  • Knkmom1011

    Lady Gaga much???

  • missa

    i dont understand what is with all these female singers using their bodies instead of their actual voices to send messages.. its such a lack of self respect. i'm all for empowering woman and owning ur own sexuality but theres a point where it becomes pornographic and trashy.

  • tromba

    She can sing for real. She doesn't need to do this crap. She's great to look at but this stuff isn't necessary.

  • guest

    why dont these "entertainers" just make a porn flick and be done with it?