Dakota Fanning Might Pull An Olsen And Attend NYU

Dakota Fanning Might Pull An Olsen And Attend NYU-photo

Teen cutie Dakota Fanning might be thinking about taking the "intellectual actress" route and attend a prestigious college after high school.

Dakota was recently spotted touring NYU's Gallatin school. Is she thinking about pulling a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and attending NYU?

While some people may think that going to college while you are in the middle of a hot career might be a bad move, Dakota would be joining a long list of other great actors and actresses who put their education over living a Hollywood lifestyle.

Emma Watson is currently studying at Brown, James Franco is getting his MFA in creative writing at Columbia, and Natalie Portman attended Harvard.



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  • Nicola Oldacre
    Nicola Oldacre

    She is a praent's dream she has kept her head in Hollywood and her future will look bright then what it is now for her.

  • celia

    That's no surprise. Dakota was a child prodigy at the age of 3.

  • roeschs3

    This girl cant diappoint.