Fashion FAIL: Fergie Wears All Sorts Of Hardware (PHOTOS)

Fergie was traipsing through the LAX airport yesterday wearing a metal detector's worst nightmare. Between the studs barnacled to her jacket, the chain links weaving through her pantalones and the metal decorating her Chanel bag we fear the metal detecting device may just beam her up, ya know? However, we can't say we're totally against this. It is The Ferg we're talking here, and we love these gems as individuals who stand alone.

Click through the gallery to see if she's successful in making it to the other side of that joyful security department. For more killer fashion check out our coverage at Fashion FAILs & FTWs.



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  • Oblaadee

    Wonder if she had to strip down for security? What a pain, wear something that is not going to set off all the alarms and hold up boarding!


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