Kristin Cavallari Allegedly Spotted With Coke, And Not The Kind You Drink

When Kristin Cavallari is on the sorta-reality show The Hills she denies using drugs, but the always reliable anonymous sources out there in the gossip world say that Kristin is a hard-partying girl who snorts cocaine.

An insider tells Us Weekly that they spotted the Hills star drinking, partying and snorting cocaine during Coachella.

There were also reports that Kristin wanted to go on a golf cart joyride with Jason Statham one night during the festival but they were stopped by the cops and told to go home.

Kristin’s lawyer denies that she is using drugs, but sources say that Kristin has fallen into the Hollywood sleeze-set and hangs out mostly with “party promoters” which is pretty much a Hollywood term for drug dealer.

People close to Kristin lament the fact that she has fallen in with a bad crowd now that she is enjoying moderate success as the LC replacement on the soon-to-go-off-the-air show, The Hills.

If Kristen is doing cocaine and partying as much as insiders say she is, she better watch out: The Hills is coming to a close very soon and if she doesn’t play her cards right she might see her future career go up her nose.