Lindsay, Ali and Dina Lohan to Film Most Ill-Conceived Mother's Day Special Ever

Lindsay, Ali and Dina Lohan to Film Most Ill-Conceived Mother's Day Special Ever-photo

Well, at least Lindsay Lohan will get to spend some quality time with her mother and sister before getting shipped off to the Big House. Of course, that depends on what your definition of "quality" is.

The Just My Luck actress/living trainwreck has arrived on the East Coast to spend the weekend with mom Dina Lohan and little sister Ali Lohan, but of course this won't be just any weekend—it will all be captured on tape, for a Mother's Day special to be aired on E!

Yeah, totally. Because when you think about mother/child relationships that should be held up to the world and emulated, you think about the special bond between these three.

Surprisingly, the special won't consist of the three of them hitting the clubs for a body-shots rampage; instead, LiLo and Ali will honor the woman who gave birth to them by helping her organize the closet of her New York home.

Dina Lohan needs two people to help her organize her closet? Huh; who knew that hoarding is a hereditary condition?

Is there any way this special won't be doomed for disaster? Share your predictions in the comments section.



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  • tariq89

  • Smasher

    Hey! We love celebrating.... ……. Mom Some thought you were wildly wonderful or maybe mildly mad But for your longsuffering love I am eternally glad You gave us everything you had The good with the bad Attitude you had against failing to try Always pushing us towards reaching for the sky You could have given up on me but not seeing my simplicity You went way beyond belief pulling pearls nuggets from serendipity One that my peers perceived perhaps prodigiously promethean As they observed only opting on obligingly obsequious ostentation Seeing me rise up like a bright shining star With my background I shouldn’t have gone very far But it was you Mom that encouraged ever egging me on Even now your strong spirit still echoes ethereally though you’re gone…… HEART FELT Seb de Bard

  • jen

    please kill me

  • jmmoore17

    wow i cannot wait for the documentary, and i have watched too many pointless episodes of the kardashians ( who are all basically famous bc of kims sex tape and big asss that black guys like..) to think that this is stupid and not watch it.