Lindsay Lohan Is Probably Going To Jail, World Tries To Act Surprised

Is Lindsay Lohan going to jail? It looks very likely.

Lindsay is currently on probation for one of her many DUIs. As per her probation Linds has to attend alcohol education courses once every seven days. The judge clearly told Lindsay that if she didn’t comply with these rules she would be sent to jail.

And naturally, Lindsay turned her life around and complied with the judge’s orders, right? Eh, not really.

According to TMZ, the alcohol education school where Lindsay was attending classes only reports an absent student if they have been missing classes for 21 days. Lindsay discovered the loophole and only attends classes every 21 days.

When TMZ asked Lindsay’s lawyer for comment, she went into legalese mode:

We have received no negative written report from the program and contend Ms. Lohan is therefore in compliance.

Or, in plain English, “The school didn’t report anything was wrong, so who cares what the judge says.”