Tiger’s Mistress List 120 Women Strong! But Number 121 Was The Marriage Killer

According to sources, through the process of his sex addiction therapy, duffster and super-sexter, Tiger Woods, confessed to bedding 120 women not named  Elin Nordegren, during the course of his five year marriage.  120, let that sink in.  Because the capper is that wife Elin was potentially prepared to accept Tiger back, even knowing the hundred-plus, monumental list, until news came out about one Tiger conquest not on that list — Raychel Coudriet.  Raychel is the young neighbor girl who broke her silence on be-banging with Tiger, but only after Tiger had already made his “super-complete” confessional list.

Oh, snap!

Apparently, not only was Elin enraged over the fact that Tiger had not been completely honest during his sex addiction rehab, but also that he had the skeeviness to seduce a young lady both she and Tiger had known as a neighbor and friend since she was 14.

Personally, we’re less shocked by Tiger knocking boots with the young neighbor than we are Elin believing that Tiger was now a humbled and honest man.  According to Joslyn James, the adult film star and outed Tiger mistress, she thinks the real number is closer to 500!

So, Elin packs her bags and files for divorce.  Is there any woman who wouldn’t?