Michelle McGee Thinks We Care About Her Opinion on Sandra Bullock’s Adoption

Here’s a shocker: Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, the tattoo model/stripper who claims to have carried on an eight-month affair with Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James, is offering her thoughts on the couple’s secret adoption to the media.

During an interview on the syndicated Johnjay and Rich radio show, McGee professed, “I was really shocked” to find out the couple had adopted a 3 1/2-month old baby boy from New Orleans, since she had “no idea” that the couple was planning to adopt.

What, you mean a cheating husband doesn’t share the intimate details of his marriage with his mistress? Now it’s our turn to be shocked!

Well, we guess you and Sandy are even now, Michelle, since she was probably pretty shocked when you came out and claimed that you were sleeping with her husband.

But the really, truly shocking thing about this whole story? The fact that people are still giving McGee a media pedestal to spout off from.