BUZZINGS: Jessica Simpson Sets Realistic Goals, Wants To Be Michelle Obama

Jessica Simpson told reporters that she wants to be like First Lady Michelle Obama. Well, the first step towards that goal might be brushing your teeth on a regular basis, Jessica. (PopEater)

Gavin Rossdale says that “all is well” in his marriage to Gwen Stefani following Hurricane Courtney Love’s assertion she had an affair with Gavin. Yeah, once you sleep with Courtney Love, you suddenly realize how awesome a Courtney-free life can be. (Wonderwall)

• Uh oh: Rihanna was spotted shopping at sex stores in Paris. And here we thought she was such a wholesome, family-friendly girl who likes to touch herself while on stage. (Hollywood Life)

• Hey, Seth Green got married! This gives new hope to short, redheaded men everywhere that they too can someday marry a leggy hot lady. (Huffington Post)

Gwyneth Paltrow said that she ditched her strict macrobiotic diet when she had kids. If an incredibly wealthy movie star can’t keep up with a restrictive diet, what makes the macrobiotic people think us regular people can? (Starpulse)