Fashion FAIL: Taylor Momsen Proves It’s Possible To Wear Less Clothes (PHOTOS)

Taylor Momsen rocked the stage of Bamboozle Music Festival with her band The Pretty Reckless wearing the absolute minimum amount of clothes required to avoid indencent exposure charges and she’s really good at it. Her Nair legs just wanted to show you what a REAL pair of Daisy Dukes looks like, but what would they be without a corset-style crop top, eh? Of course, there’s no better way to top it all off than with a snazzy pair of boots that are generally reserved for inappropriate bedroom shenanigans that Tay Tay should have no participation in at this age, or ideally ever.

Click through the gallery to see her get Pretty Reckless. For more fashion amazingness check out our coverage at Fashion FAILs & FTWs.