Madonna Wants to Give the Pope a Heart Attack With New ‘Interview’ Spread (PHOTOS)

When all else fails, rile up the Catholics, huh, Madonna?

The Material Mom appears lingerie-clad in the May issue of Interview magazine, and for the theme of the photo-shoot Madge appears to have gone with an old standby: Generating controversy among the religious types. Placing a crucifix seductively against your lips, then sticking it in your stocking for safekeeping? Bravo, Madonna. So edgy. So risky. So 1989, when you did the whole, “Look at me, everybody! I’m sacrilegious!” shtick the first time with “Like a Prayer.”

The photos do stand as a testament to the miraculous powers of Photoshop, however.

Click through the photo gallery and let us know in the comments section: Is it time for Madonna to get a new routine already?