Michael Lohan Takes Legal Action To Gain Control Of Lindsay’s Non-Existant Millions

After Michael Lohan threatened to file for conservatorship of estranged daughter Lindsay Lohan last week if she wouldn’t sit down and talk with him (and his lawyers), Michael is now apparently making good on his word and filing for conservatorship.

For some odd reason, Lindsay isn’t really keen on the idea of meeting with her estranged father who seems to relish publicly embarrassing her in order to gain a modicum of fame.

While Michael has publicly said that he wants to help Lindsay with her self-destructive problems, he has done little to help her outside of staging press conferences and bringing some confused cops to her LA apartment for a fake intervention.

Now, Michael is gunning for conservatorship, which means that he would gain control over her estate. Michael has said that he was open to other people serving as conservator of her estate. Yeah, we’ll believe that when we see it.

Conservatorship doesn’t necessarily mean that he will be able to help Lindsay’s problems, it simply means that he would be able to decide what to do with her money.

Of course, there is a big difference between “filing” and “gaining” conservatorship, and we kind of doubt that any court of law would be willing to give Michael Lohan control of anything.