BUZZINGS: Naomi Campbell Doesn’t Only Date Rich Men And Other Totally Believable Facts

Naomi Campbell told Oprah that she doesn’t only date rich men and that she liked dating strong men who boss her around. Oh, also, apparently today is opposite day in Naomi-land. (PopEater)

Kristen Davis says that she never felt pressured at Sex and the City to lose weight or look a certain way. Well, Kristen, that might have something to do with the fact that you ar drop-dead gorgeous. (Wonderwall)

Bret Michaels health update: the rocker is making progress and is now walking. Great news! (Hollywood Life)

• Our boyfriend, James Franco, says that he loves school. Now, if only he loved walking around in the nude. (Huffington Post)

• In case you needed proof that God doesn’t like Michael Lohan: the stage dad’s plane was struck by lightening and had to make an emergency landing. He’s okay though. (Starpulse)