BUZZINGS: Tila Tequila Has Launched a Gossip Site. Everybody Panic!

  • Tila Tequila’s celebrity-gossip site hit the Internet today. Which only means one thing: It’s time to shut down the Internet. Nice knowing you all. (Dlisted)
  • Justin Bieber doesn’t know what the word “German” means, because, “We don’t say that in America.” Oh well; we guess pretty and smart was too much to ask for. (Popeater)
  • Jimmy Fallon has been tapped to host the Emmys, and is probably already practicing laughing at his own jokes. (Parade)
  • Chris Brown defends his decision to sing the National Anthem at a boxing match. He was probably just hoping to pick up some pointers. (Starpulse)
  • Kate Hudson and Gwen Stefani might be pregnant. No, not with each other. (Hollywood Life)