Charlie Sheen And Brooke Mueller Won’t Let A Little Alleged Cheating Ruin Marriage

Let’s put ourselves in Brooke Mueller’s shoes for a second.

Brooke’s husband, Charlie Sheen, has hit a rough couple of months. He has been charged with domestic abuse against Brooke, went to rehab, and his alleged affair with multiple escorts recently made a splash in the tabloids. Would you want to stay with Charlie after all of this drama?

Well, apparently Brooke does. Charlie’s lawyer told Hollywood Life that the two are not seeking divorce. Charlie’s lawyer also shot down any hints that Brooke was getting a payout from Charlie to stay with him.

From the lawyer’s statement:

They are not seeking a divorce, nor has one been contemplated. There [have] been no financial agreements between the parties of any sort. Stories to the contrary are false […] Since the December 25 incident involving Charlie and Brooke Sheen, the couple have been going through their martial trials and tribulations, and have been the subject of enormous speculation in the media. Over-speculation, if there is such a word, would be more accurate. The couple asks that their privacy be respected at this time.

Well, then! Way to prove us all wrong Brooke.

Why is Brooke staying with her allegedly abusive and philandering husband? Who knows what goes on in a couple’s marriage. Maybe she is simply the most understanding women who ever married a Hollywood star.