Chris Brown Has A Temper Tantrum Outside Las Vegas Club

Chris Brown Has A Temper Tantrum Outside Las Vegas Club-photo

It sounds like Chris Brown's temper is getting him into more and more trouble.

The "Forever" singer reportedly threw a tantrum for the ages after he was denied entrance to Eve Nightclub in Las Vegas this past weekend.

Chris was in town to sing the national anthem for the Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Shane Mosley fight.

When bouncers denied Chris into the club, the singer reportedly went "ballistic" and repeatedly said every tantrum-throwing celebrity's favorite phrase: "Do you even know who I am?"

Chris also unleashed some rage after he received criticism for singing the national anthem at a boxing match. (Given his track record for using former girlfriend Rihanna as a punching bag, some people thought it was in poor taste.)

Chris took to Twitter to defend himself: "Im [sic] human. how may of u r perfect????????"

Being "human" is no excuse for throwing temper tantrums, Chris.



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  • whitneyy

    leaveee ; chriss alonee

  • matt

    f*ck cris brown

  • meaty

    This is why i hate the internet. One Blogger reads another blog, post it on their blog and blows it all up! Chris Brown Blew up, Chris Brown blows up, Chris brown loses his temper! Chris abuses a DJ! STFU! I mean really stop reporting things when you have no way of verfying the facts! I heard the interview and he did not blow up! He cursed, but he wasnt loud or aggressive! the damn DJ was being an butthole! I wish people would stop reporting BS! No credible news stations reported this crap. Just blogs. which consist of a bunch of lame people sitting behind a computer talking S**t. Geesh, get a life! and some facts that you verified! Why dont you post the actual footage? which the DJ admitted to editing! Loser

  • Fabiana

    Venha logo ao Brasil!!!!

  • Fabiana

    Venha logo ao Brasil!!!!

  • Ariel Windom
    Ariel Windom

    "Im [sic] human. how may of u r perfect????????" May? You mean "Many"..Any ways im no grammar/spelling police, beside I bet I spelt some wrong right now..I barely even know who chris brown is but leave the guy alone.It patheic to even bother with :..Hes going alittle local, because every little thing he does people bring up the beating card. boo-hoo he punched some one, get over it.Yea it wrong but just leave it gezze. If I get mad I need to punch something,just not people...But just leave this guy alone so he can Idk, go do stuff.

  • ilovekimkardashian21

    can you all just leave him alone...???!!!!!????? i DONT beleive this at all.. rawrs

  • Maribel! :)
    Maribel! :)

    This is Pathetic, Leave him alone, No one is perfect, really, if this was you how would you feel? Oh no, he beat Rhianna up. Wow, did you ever think Maybe she was Asking for it, i mean i know it's not right to hit a Female if your a male but still, i haven't seen anyone talk about HIS side of the Story, just Rhianna. People don't know when to stop, Leave him and his temper alone and you wont have to worry about it! it's not your life to worry wether he's a little too angry maybe he has his reasons, Leave him alone and worry about Yourself! there's Billions of more people in this world you could write about why just the Celebrities? :)

  • cake

    I think the media is going to criticize everything that he does. He is under a microscope. What if you guys minded your own business, then no one would know just how HUMAN he is. We all get upset. A young man can only take so much. Give him a break *** holes!

  • katrina

    This is not true! Get a life