Dina Lohan Displays Awesome Parenting Skills, Takes Lindsay Out Partying Before Deposition

Gotta give Dina Lohan credit—she’s a real mistress of multitasking.

Dina flew back from New York to Los Angeles with her daughter Lindsay Lohan on Monday to make sure that LiLo showed up for her early-morning deposition today—which is pretty crucial, since she’s already blown off two depositions so far, and would likely have lost her case if she passed on this one. (Lohan is being sued by passengers who claim they were held hostage by Linds during a drunken 2007 drive on the Pacific Coast Highway.) 

Of course, it would be a shame if Dina hit L.A. without enjoying the city’s renowned nightlife, so the night before the deposition Lohan dragged (well, okay, she probably went along pretty willingly) Lindsay out to the Chateau Marmont, where they partied until two o’clock this morning.

Which makes perfect sense, because showing up to a court date hungover and sleep-deprived is always a good idea, especially when the court date is related to a DUI case. And it’s not like Lindsay has a problem reining in her partying, right?

To be fair, Lindsay did eventually show up for the deposition—albeit nearly half an hour late. Totally understandable, given the long night she had.

Hope you get an awesome present from Lindsay this Mother’s Day, Dina; you’ve definitely earned it.